Barneys Botanicals Delta 8 Gummies 600mg



Barneys Botanical Delta 8 Gummies 600mg are THC rich edibles to enjoy the benefits of delta 8. Each of these delicious gummies delivers you all-natural hemp-derived Delta 8 THC in a flavorful way.

The assorted flavors and natural ingredients of these gummies will make you fall in love with them.

Available in 600mg gummies and 1500mg gummies, each of these Delta 8 THC gummies have 20mg of Delta 8 THC and are 3rd party lab tested. They are made using high-quality hemp grown in the USA. Therefore, you can trust the quality of these made in the USA gummies.

These mouth-watering gummies are available as a 30ct bottle.? The 20mg gummy jar contains approximately 600mg of Delta-8 THC total and the 50mg gummy jar contains approximately 1500mg of pure delta 8 per jar.

Made with 86.93% pure Delta 8 Distillate, each gummy delivers you a dose of highly potent delta 8. They provide a convenient way to include delta 8 into your daily routine. Therefore you can take delta 8 discretely whether you want to take it at work or at home.

Barneys Botanical Delta 8 Gummies 20mg come in a mix of lemon, orange, and strawberry flavored gummies. Therefore you may feel tempted to consume more. These gummies pass through the digestive tract before you can experience any effect of delta 8 THC. Therefore, you need to wait for some time to experience the full effects of hemp extract.

Product Features:

  • Available In 30ct Resealable Jars (600mg Active Ingredients Or 1500mg Active Ingredients)
  • Available In 20mg Or 50mg Options
  • Made With 86.93% Pure Delta 8 THC Distillate
  • Assorted Flavors
  • Lab Tested For Potency, Quality, And Safety


Organic Glucose Syrup (wheat), Organic Cane Sugar, Pectin, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Natural Flavors, Natural Colors (organic concentrated apple, organic carrot, organic pumpkin, organic black currant), Industrial Hemp


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