CBDA CBGA Extract – Comprehensive Immune Support


This blend of CBDA, CBD, CBGA & CBG cannabinoids comes along with Vitamin D, Vitamin C & Zinc creates a powerhouse of comprehensive immune support in water soluble form.*


CBD American Shaman has now perfected the extraction of the fragile and volatile cannabinoids CBDA CBGA Extract to create new comprehensive immune support not found on the market.* This new formulation is a pioneering charge into more well-rounded supplements that can give you the support you need.* In addition to the sought-after combination of CBDA (cannabidiolic acid) & CBGA (cannabigerolic acid) we’ve also included water soluble forms of Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Zinc in this formulation to create a powerhouse of comprehensive immune support.* We are also aligning the cannabidiolic acid & cannabigeroic acid with CBD & CBG in non acid form to give you a full range of cannabinoids for a better range of entourage effect.* The 30mL is divided out into 60 total servings which makes a 20mg serving size. The 30mL bottle contains 1200mg of cannabinoids, 300mcg of Vitamin D, 300 of Vitamin C and 90mg of Zinc. You now have control with this combined product to give you serving sizes on the go or to mix with food and drink.


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